ORAVAMAN Triathlon | Registration
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Everyone who read and understood the Race Manual can sign up for  Oravaman. Registration opens on November 10th at 8:00 p.m. and closes on November 20th at midnight. The registration is made by lottery. Athletes will be informed about the lottery result on November 25th during the day be email and will have 5 days to pay the entry fee. From the experiece from last years, we recomend you to check also your spam and trash on this day.

There are 300 slots available (subject to change):

  • 300 is the maximum of athletes that can enter the run course (30 runners from relays included)
  • maximum of 270 athletes can start in individual race
  • 15 slots are guaranted for 15 first comes, first serves  athletes, who sign up for the O.T. trilogy 2018 on November 1st.
  • 235 slots are chosen from the lottery
  • 20 slots are chosen by the organizers (saved for sponsors, media and special guests)
  • lottery will be open from November 20th from 8:00 p.m. until midnight of December 20th.
  • athletes will be informed about the results of lottery on January 1st of 2018 by email
  • online payment period: January 5th – January 10th of 2018

Apart of the individual race, there will be a relay race, for maximum of 30 teams.

  • 20 teams will be chosen by the lottery.
  • 10 teams can be choosen by organizers (saved for sponsors and media)

No athlete nor relay team can be excluded from the payment of the entry fee. The same means for all sponsors and media.
The entry fee must be paid via Trust Pay system from November 25th within 5 days. If not, the slot will be passed on the athlete choosen from those, who didn´t succeed in the lottery (Wait list). The process will continue, until all slots are occupied and paid.

Entry Fee

The entry fee must be paid within 5 days from choosing the athlete by the lottery. Payment is done via online payment using Trust Pay system. At no point and for no reason the entry fee can be refunded. If you can´t race, you can transfer your entry fee on other athlete from the wait list until midnight of May 31st. No entry can be transferd for the next year.

By registration for the competitions organized by Športový klub ORAVAMAN the client agrees to General Terms and Conditions.

  • Individual athlete

  • 80athlete
    • GPS tracker
    • transport of athlete to the start
    • swim cap, T-Shirt (or similar clothing), small presents, medal,
    • finisher photo (FOTOLAB)
    • refreshment on the bike and run, at finish
    • lunch (soup, meal, drink)
    • sack with race number for swimming equipment
    • sack with race number for running equipment
    • sticker for saddle, race number

  • Relay – Team

  • 240team
    • GPS tracker (cyclist will give it to runner in T2)
    • transport of swimmer and cyclist to the start, transport of swimmer to T2
    • swim cap, 3x T-Shirt (or similar clothing), 3 x small presents, 3 x medal,
    • finisher photo (FOTOLAB)
    • refreshment on the bike and run, at finish
    • 3x lunch (soup, meal, drink)
    • start number for cyclist and runner, sticker for bike saddle