ORAVAMAN Triathlon | Goralman 2019 – Thank you
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Goralman 2019 – Thank you

After a few rainy days, the sun finaly showed up over Oravská Polhora and Babia hora showed herself in full beauty. For the fourth time, athletes met at Slaná voda to face the Goralman course. Due to the long and cold winter the water temperature in the Orava dam was critical and the announced cancellation of swimming became a reality. But that wasn´t the only unknown that worried us, the organizers. The big question was the running course. Finally, after many phone calls, emails and a few days of stress, athletes could enjoy the beauty of Orava from the top of Babia hora. It was already when the organizers and also athletes knew that it was going to be organized for the last time. Goralman, as we used to know it, bacame history Due to the administrative difficulty of obtaining permits and respecting the regulations and restrictions of natural reserve, we concluded that it would be better and far more viable to change the character and location of the race. Since next year, Goralman will turn into a cross triathlon, not being held in a protected area and thus not even leading to the Babia hora. In the following months we will be working hard on finding a suitable route, but we know that Oravská priehrada, Oravská Polhora and Slaná voda will definitely be part of the race.
From our side we would like to thank all competitors and organizers for their support and support in previous years and we believe that we will not disappoint you. Special thanks go to the mayor of Oravská Polhora and the owner of the cottage Slaná voda.

We thank you