Visegrad Awards

Oravaman Extreme Tour proudly announces the Visegrad Performance Award and the Visegrad Achievement Award in order to spread a Visegrad Idea of our project. It consist of strengthening the cooperation within Visegrad 4 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) for easier overcoming of challenging tasks.

Lets` face extreme challenges „We 4” together!


Visegrad Performance & Achievement Awards

Visegrad Performance Award will be awarded to the fastest finisher in all three races of Oravaman Extreme Tour. Visegrad Achievement Award will be awarded for the most outstanding demonstration of goodwill, friendship, deed or service during the Tour and will be decided by a special committee. These awards are brought to you thanks to a Small Grant funded by the International Visegrad Fund since Oravaman Extreme Tour was selected among the most interesting projects in the Spring Call of the Fund.


Visegrad feature of the Oravaman Extreme Tour

All three triathlons of the OET take place in the heart of Visegrad 4. Orava, Liptov and Kysuce regions are located on the border of Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Our aim is to persistently connect and network the most respected triathletes and clubs from all V4 countries. We find the Tour to be a great networking platform for further and more concrete cooperation within the Visegrad 4 countries.


Visegrad partners of the OET

It is an honor for us that partners from all Visegrad countries confirmed their cooperation on the project. They will actively take part in the races of the OET,  spread the idea of facing extreme challenges “We 4 together,” and even contribute by tailor-making of the Visegrad Awards.