Oravaman – how to ride in Zuberec

16. June 2017 Aktuality 0 comments

Dear friends,

the VII. Volskwagen Slovakia Oravaman is nearly here. In next weeks, we will make more articles with the main important rules and information. For now, please study well how to ride in Zuberec. The long distance will cross Zuberec 3 times. The Short distance (green) and Relays (blue) will enter Zuberec just 1 time and they will turn right, direction Zverovka – Ťatliakova chata (T2).


Athletes on the long course (red color) will first ride direction Oravice (crossing Zuberec), after the turn they will return to Zuberec (II.) and ride on the mountain pass Huty. When they have climbed Huty for the third time, they will come to Zuberec for the third time and konw will turn on the right, direction Zverovka – Ťatliakova chata (picture III.)

Thank you for understanding.

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