Oravaman Extreme Tour


Do you love triathlon? Are you ready for an  adventure? We bring you 2 more reasons, why you should visit Orava region in, why you should visit Slovakia. In 2016, our main race Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman will be supported by two new races, which will form the Oravaman Extreme Tour. This unique trilogy will lead you through beautiful nature and mountains. Our races are based on familiar and friendly atmosphere. The registration for Goralman triathlon and Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman is closed, both races are SOLD OUT. Actually there are few slots left for  JANOŠÍK – Slovak Xtreme Triathlon. The registration link is: www.registration.oravaman.sk. Until we publish official pages of Goralman and Jánošík, we will add more information about each event on this page. We kindly ask registered athletes to control their emails, spam and trash, because we will be sending actual information by email. We wish you all the best and looking forward to wellcoming you on our Oravaman Extreme Tour events in Slovakia.

All three events of O.E.T. are physicaly and mentaly demanding. Systematic and long-lasting preparation and training is required. Organizers are allowed to modify the race course, or stop the race (cancel), if the safety of athletes and organizers is endangered (storm, very bad weather…). At all three events there will be a medical supervision, which will decide, if the athlete can or can not continue in the race (slow pace, weakness, exhaustion… ). Disobeying the race rules and instructions of organizers can lead to athlete´s disqualification.

Goralman triathlon, 4.6.2016

Half-distance race (2-83-21) with 2200 m of elevation in the north part of Orava region. Includes fast bike course with only 800 m of elevation and a spectacular 21 km trail run with 1400 m of elevation. The run will lead you up to the Babia hora peak (1725 m), but before it you have to struggle with 2 km long steep climb, that includes steep steps and also few chains. The race center is in cottage Slaná voda, close to the peak Babia hora. Here will be the registration, T2, finish and the afterparty. Our goal is to offer you a nice and friendly race with special spirit and original approach.

GORALMAN race course – video

Men: 18-39, 40-49, 50 +
Women: 18-39, 40 +
RELAY: Men/Mix, Women (the minimume age sum 54 years)
-first three athletes in cathegory will receive a cup and original present
ENTRY FEE: 45 euro (race capacity 150 slots – SOLD OUT)
-entry includes: refreshment on course, refreshment in the finish, luch, T-shirt, medal, presents, printed finish-picture, afterparty.

We recomend to book accomodation directly at Slaná Voda by sending your request to: oravaman@oravaman.sk

Iportant information

Firday, June 3rd.
We will meet at Slaná Voda near Oravská Polhora. The registration will be possible from 15:00 – 19:00 o´clock. Athletes will recievie nice presents and also one plastic bag for neopren suit and swimming equipment after the swim, and one plastic bag for running equipment for Sathurday. Athletes must deliver the “running bags” to organizers on friday until 21:00 o´clock. The race briefing wil be at the restaurant at 19:30 o´clock. For the run course each athlete must have a backpack (camelbag) with jacket, buff, mobile phone, ID card, energy bar and 1 l of water.

Sathurday, June 4th
Transition 1 will be opened from 7:00 to 7:50. Athletes can get to the start by car or by bike (15 km, mostly down). Race start at 8:00 a.m. Swim course consists of 2 laps of 1 km. After the swim, athletes must use their bags and pack in the neopren suit, swimming cap and glases. The bike course is opened to traffic, so we kindly ask all athletes to ride carefully and obey the traffic rules. The race is non-drafting. The course will be marked on the road. There are few sections with holes, pits and potholes, so we recomend wheels with good and resistent tubulars. When athlete comes to T2 at Slaná Voda, he will give the bike to organizers and will recieve his running bag. He must put cycling shoes and helmet into the same bag. Athlete can not start the run without the obligatory backpack with the required equipment.
The run is demanding and can take from 3 to 5 hours. It includes a steep descent from Malá Babia hora to cottage Markowe Sczaviny (Poland) and very steep climb to Babia hora. This 2 km long climb includes steep stairs made of stones and also a short “via ferrata”. This section will be controlled by Mountain rescueres from GOPR (Poland). Please be very careful at this section, it can be slippery. Once you are on the sumit (1725 m), there are last 9 km of steep descend to the finish in front of you. Please run carefully.
In the finish at Slaná Voda there will be refreshment and lunch for athletes. After the award ceremony there will be a casual party for all who will stand another night.

babia oet



Become a real hero by completing a unique triathlon with extreme course named after the Slovak national hero: JÁNOŠÍK – Slovak Xtreme Triathlon. It is brought to you by the organizers of the Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman and the mountain run Beh na Poludňový Grúň who were inspired by the philosophy of allXtri, a triology of extreme triathlons (NORSEMAN Xtreme triathlon, CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon and SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon). With respect and admiration for the great work of its organizers we would like to introduce a race with the same values and goals but with a Slovak essence and our experience.


Registration: www.registration.oravaman.sk,  50 slots
Entry fee: 200 euro
-includes pre-race dinner for athlete and supporter, swimming cap, presents, refreshmets on run course, dinner in the finish, lunch on Sunday, accomodation in hotel Boboty for athlete and supporter Sathurday/Sunday (1 night), finisher T-shirt for athlete and supporter, tickets for cableway from finish for athlete, supporter and 3 friends or relatives, transport from the cable station to the hotel.

JÁNOŠÍK – Slovak Extreme Triathlon is a race based on unique race spirit, familiar and friendly atmospehere, offering a challenging but beautiful journey over one of the most beautiful parts of Slovakia. It is long distance triathlon with minimum support provided by the organizer during the bike and run course. Therefore the role of a dedicated supporter is crucial during the whole race day, and also the weeks before during the preparations and planning. A close cooperation between the athlete and his or her supporter is required during the race day. They both will share their feelings during the running part of the race, where the supporter runs the whole 42,2 km long course with the athlete. At the end of the day, in the finish, they both will be true friends, true heroes, true legends.


The race is very hard and challenging, mainly during the marathon. Due to the safety of all athletes, it is essential that all athletes will finish the race during the day, before the sunset (it is also the basic request of the Malá Fatra National park). That´s why all athletes have to finish the race by 8:00 p.m. at the latest. To make it posible, the race will start with swimming  at midnight (from Friday to Sathurday).
The swim course will be illuminated and each athlete will receive a float with red light inside. The swim course will be controlled by boats and kayaks.
Last chance to leave the Transition 1 will be at 2:00 a.m.
Athletes will have to wear  reflective wear, white light in front and red light on the back, during the bike course until 6:30 a.m. Supporter can drive the car behind the athlete and can lighten the road for him. Supporting car must drive with orange reflective lights on and on the right border of the road all the time, at least 10 m behind the athlete. Supporting car can drive behind the athlete until 6:00 a.m.
The stop-time after the bike is 10:15 a.m. Athlete and his supporter must leave the T2 until 10:30 a.m. at tha latest.

JÁNOŠÍK – Slovak Xtreme Triathlon – race course video

OFFICIAL VIDEO – JÁNOŠÍK – Slovak Xtreme Triathlon

We will post the RACE MANUAL by the and of February. To finish the race, understanding and studying the manual is a must.

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The track of the race will take you from the calm Slanica Island in the middle of Orava Dam to the steep reefs and peaks of Malá Fatra mountains covering the most beautiful parts of North Slovakia. JÁNOŠÍK – Slovak Xtreme Triathlon will test your will and determination, your humility and will bring you to the threshold of your pain exchanged by a day full of adventure, beautiful nature, friendly help and encouragement, tears and emotions, happines and satisfaction.
Your “xtreme” journey will start with fresh 3,8 km swimming in dark morning. During the swim a line of lights and rising sun will guide you to the shore (T1). A 180 km bike ride includes 8 short climbs from 12 to 17 %. Total elevation gain during the bike is 2600 m and it should not be underestimated. Fast start can lead to slow end. JÁNOŠÍK offers you a marathon like no other. Breathtaking 42,2 km of pure trail running with hard climbs and descends. The marathon spreads around tourist famous village Terchová, where slovak national hero Juraj Jánošík was born. The run with 2600 m of elevation will show you a glorious nature. You will run over paths, run in the forest and also over ladders and footbridges crossing the Jánošíkové diery gorge. It´s a real challenge. Steep, technical and eye-catching. Here you will surely understand the meaning of Xtreme Triathlon. Once you climb the steepest part of the run up to Veľký Rozsutec (1609 m), you are very close to the finish. We will be warmly and openly waiting you at the finish line at the upper cableway station on Chleb. A special care and hospitality for you and your supporter at the finish line is a matter of pleasure and national characteristic in Slovakia.


In JÁNOŠÍK the time does not count. The most important is the experience. The race day will be very long not only for you, but also for your support team. Well–prepared and planned support strategy is essential. There are no winners, no prizes. Every athlete will experience his own story. The course will test your body and your mind and will strengthen the relationship with your supporter. All athletes, who reach the finish line become true heroes and will be rewarded with special JÁNOŠÍK Finisher T-shirt and a special present. Your supporters will also receive a special JÁNOŠÍK Supporter T-shirt.

True heroes compete honestly and fairly, they don´t cheat nor pollute the country.
During the race day you can face all kind of weather and the course is really extreme. So be prepared for everything. Sleep well, eat a lot. Train high, train hard, train steep, train cold. Be generous, do good deeds, help other people. Than you can be a hero, than you can finish JÁNOŠÍK – Slovak Xtreme Tiathlon.

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The race will take you on an amazing journey around the North Slovakia countryside, that you will remember for a long time. It is not about racing, it is not about the time.

It´s about the atmosphere and friendship, about the friendly mood. JÁNOŠÍK – Slovek Xtreme Triathlon is a feast, where athletes, supporters, organizers and partners create one big family. They all are heroes, they all are Jánošík.

A challenging race like the JÁNOŠÍK – Slovak Xtreme Triathlon requires a reliable and experienced nutrition specialist. We are honored to be supported by WINFORCE Swiss Premium Nutrition, official partner of the legendary NORSEMAN Xtreme Triathlon and the wonderful SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon.