Oravaman – different and excellent already for 7 years

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Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman different and excellent already for 7 years

The star of extreme triathlons, Spaniard Marcel Zamora, finished victorious for the 4-th consecutive time in the 7-th Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman 2017 which took place this Saturday, July 15, 2017 in Zuberec, Slovakia. This year it took him 5:23: 4.9 to complete the course, 8 minutes faster than the last year. On the Liptovská Mara Dam and the Western Tatras – Roháče Mountains, the athletes traditionally fight not only for the fastest times, but also to overcome the unpredictable natural conditions on the course of 2 km of swimming, 90 km of cycling and 21 km half marathon with an extreme elevation of 3300 m. The weather allowed them to go a bit faster during the last weekend compared to the previous year.

Slovak and Central European triathlon community traditionally gathers in the mids of July in Zuberec, Slovakia. This year we counted over 500 participants (including Kids Race and Beer kilometer) from 11 countries during the weekend including Russia, Ireland, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom. In addition to the race on the long course (half ironman), they competed on a short course (1, 37, 14 km with an elevation of 1500 m) in individual and relay races. Moreover, the short Oravaman has been for several years the national championship of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic in triathlon.

The following triathletes were decorated on the podium in the long Oravaman in men’s category: 1. M. Zamora (ESP, Durance Triathlon, 5:23:44.9), 2. V. Holub (CZ, Velosport Valenta Scott Team, 5:39:48.7) and 3. D. Kraviansky (SK, pro-body triatlon team Košice, 5:41:20.4). Among women dominated: 1. Z. Dudášová (SVK, Piso Sport, 06:46:06.6), 2. P. Veselá (CZE, MST Jihlava, 06:53:15.8) and 3. Z. Páleníková (SVK, MPK Dolný Kubín 07:04:57.3). In the short individual Oravaman the fastest were M. Kostelničák (SVK, GreenBike, 02:57:14.7) among men and R. Rizmanová (SVK, Tritanium, 03:29:00.6) among women. The first to arrive to Penzión Pribiskô, the headquarters of Oravaman, was the relay of TRIATLON TEAM NEREUS from Žilina, composed by R. Bujdoš, T. Jurkovič, J. Török in 02:49:10.5.

Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman 2017 is an event for the whole family. Oravaman Kids Race is a family and charity accompanying event. More than 100 children competed in different categories during this Friday’s duathlon (running, cycling, running). The race was managed and moderated by Tomáš Slavata, a Czech triathlete and philanthropist with complicated childhood, to whom the sport helped to overcome these pitfalls. Therefore, he decided to take care of children from problematic conditions and within the Slavata Triatlon Tour he organizes many sports events for children in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The participants and spectators also enjoyed a non-traditional run – Beer kilometer. Except of running 1000 m. the participants had to drink 8 dcl. of beer at 4 refreshment stations. On Saturday night, after the results were announced, the party continued with concerts of a pop-group KaKu and a funky band Funkiez from Bratislava.

At the closing ceremony, the Director of the Race Peter Paľa expressed his special thanks to a wide group of private and public institutions thanks to which the quality of Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman keeps growing every year. He especially appreciated the cooperation of sponsors, of the mayors of municipalities, members of the Police Corps of the Slovak Republic, the Mountain Rescue Service of the Slovak Republic, the Water Rescue Service from Liptovský Mikuláš and voluntary firefighters from Zuberec. In addition, over 200 volunteers from around the region were involved in the organization.

Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman is part of a trilogy of extreme triathlon races Oravaman Extreme Tour (OET). Together with Goralman, half ironman under Babia Hora, and the extreme Jánošík Slovak Xtreme Triathlon with the finish at the top of Chleb Peak in Malá Fatra, they contribute to awareness building on the possibilities of tourism in the regions of Orava, Liptov, Kysuce and also Slovakia as a tourism destination. During 3 weekends, more than 900 athletes come from around 10 countries with their families and friends. Thanks to the professional approach of the organizers, the unique natural conditions and the scenic beauty of the race, Jánošík Slovak Xtreme Triathlon was invited to associate the Xtri World Tour in 2017, among the world’s most prestigious extreme triathlons such as the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, the Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon and the SWISSMAN Xtreme Triathlon. Dates of the OET for 2018 were already announced: 26. 5. 2018 Goralman, 14. 7. 2018 Oravaman and 1. 9. 2018 Jánošík.

Photoreport © Miloš Grznár and © Róbert Kovalčík https://photos.app.goo.gl/NYZgrtITmAFxtFfx2

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