Rules and Regulations


Athlete by paying the entry fee agrees with the rules of Volkswagen Slovakia Oravaman 2017. He agrees with processing the personal data only for the purpose of this race. Organizer undertakes that he will use this data exclusively for the purposes of this race and won´t provide it to third person. By paying the entry fee athlete agrees with taking photos, sound recording and making videos from the race.  On this photos and videos also can be photographed and filmed the spectators.
In the case of an unfavorable weather, organizer can modify the run course. In case of very bad weather conditions (heavy rain or storm), organizer has the right to stop the race and athletes must respect this decision and follow the instructions of organizers.


athletes complete 2 laps of 1 km (Short course 1 lap), with turning point on the shore

  1. athletes must wear Oravaman 2017 swimming cap
  2. neoprene suits are allowed, neoprene socks and gloves are forbidden
  3. race belt can not be dressed under the neoprene suit
  4. after the swim, in Transition 1, athletes must put everything (suit, cap, googles) in a sack with race number (big sticker with number and picture of swimmer)
  5. organizers are not responsible for possessions not inserted into the sack
  6. there is no nutrition provided after the swim
  7. bags with clothes from the start, sacks with swimming equipment – everything will be transported to Penzion Pribiskô (FINISH)


  1. athletes must bring their bikes to T1 – start at Liptovská Mara on Friday – 14:00 – 17:00, bring ID card
  2. the whole bike course is NON DRAFTING
  3. athletes are responsible of studying and understanding their course (long or short)
  4. riding in groups or riding less than 10 m behind another cyclist is forbidden
  5.  the bike course is partly closed for traffic
  6. athletes must ride carefully and obey instructions of the organizers and the police, atlhetes mustn’t cross the center white line of the road
  7. there are several climbs of 12% on the bike course, on the last 5 km the average climb is 7,4 %
  8. we recommend road / timetrial bike with 50/34 or triple crankset, or at least 28 back pinion
  9. total elevation of the bike course: 2300 m in main race and 1200 m in SHORT race.
  10. spectators who want to see the start of the race (the road will be closed) must confirm their interest within 1. July 2017. Spectators will be transported by bus (3 euro / person)
  11. athletes must have a sticker with race number on their saddles
  12. race belt with number must be visible on the back
  13. athletes can not take any help from the crowd or from other athletes
  14. Refreshment on long course (50 km – both ways, and 78 km). Water, iont and bananas will be available. For both races, there will be a common refreshment in the T2.
  15. at T2, athletes must put their helmets and bike shoes to the running sack, they will receive their own running sack with their number
  16. all bikes and sacks (with helmets and cycling shoes) will be brought to the Penzion Pribiskô
  17. any polluting during the bike leads to athlete´s disqualification. Any gels or bars please throw ONLY at the refreshment points (50th km or 78th km), give the rubbish to the organizers.

Running course 

  1. before the T2, athletes must get out of bike, give it to organizers and take their running sack. They must put their helmets and cycling shoes into the sack
  2. race belt must be turned to the front
  3. there will be 4 refreshment stations on the long course and 2 on the short race (water and cola)
  4. there is a hard climb directly from the T2
  5. there are 2 steep descents in the forrest, 4 km descent on asphalt road, than 1 km climb with 250 m elevation (long distance), on the last 9 km there is a combination of the forest trail and an asphalt road surfaces of a mild descent
  6. specifications of the running course: 21 km, 1000 m elevation for the long distance and 14 km, 300 m for the short race. Finish at Penzión Pribiskô
  7. any polluting during the run leads to athlete´s disqualification. Any gels, bars, papers or bottles please throw ONLY at the refreshment points, give the rubbish to the organizers.

Handover of bikes

  1. Friday July 14th 2017 at the race start – Liptovská Mara (T1): 14:00 – 17:00, bring bike + ID card
  2. After showing your ID card at the T1, you will receive a sticker with race number, place it under the saddle. The T1 will be protected by mesh and security service.
  3. after the race, bikes will be brought from the T2 to Penzión Pribiskô by lorries, using  mattress between bikes. Bikes will be returned  only upon showing the race number from 2:00 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Swimming, running and finish equipment 

  1. sack with sticker “swimming” will be used after the swim, where athlets put their neoprene suits, goggles and caps
  2. all bags or backpacks with clothes from the start and those left in the bus, will be transported to Penzion Pribiskô (finish)
  3. Running equipment (running shoes, jackets, camel bags etc.) must be put into the sack with sticker “running”
  4. with sticker “running” and given to organizers on friday from 17:00 to 18:00.
  5. at the T2, you must use the same Running sack for your helmet and cycling shoes
  6. If you have some warm clothes you would like to wear when you finish the race, you can leave your bag with sticker “finish” on friday at Pension Priboskô until 18:00.

Organization team, in Zuberec, July 1st, 2017

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